I would thank you from the bottom of my heart,

but for you, my heart has no bottom.

~Author Unknown



For all of our donors who take the time to remember and assist F2F, we thank you.  Your donations make the world better for our cats and kittens and help us to provide the best possible care that we can while we have them. 


In addition to financial help, F2F and its affiliate, the West Michigan SPCA, have been blessed in other ways too numerous to count.  F2F would like to publicly recognize those individuals and/or entities that, if not for their specific support when it counted, F2F would not be what it is now. 


In no special order whatsoever (except for the first one who gets special props!) we give you our friends:


Brian Lang, Attorney – Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

You are in our corner, and for that we are the luckiest nonprofit that ever existed,

because without you, we probably wouldn’t. 




Shirley Cave Thomas – Golden Years Alaskan Malamute Rescue

For harboring the goods when we needed you to do so.


Connie Kerry – Lifeline for Pound Buddies Rescue (PBR)

For harboring US, when we needed you to do so.


Susan Cohen – Graphic Artist

What can we say but a ginormous thank you for F2F‘s amazing logo.

Who needs words when the logo says it all!


Dr. Denise Montanga, DVM

You went where we went and we could not be more fortunate.

Thank you for all you do and have done for F2F and the kitties.


PETCO - Harvey Street, Muskegon, Michigan

Our partnership means that together we double what is possible.


Diana Murphy – Voice of Horses, Ohio

It was your voice that spoke up to re-home

the SPCA horses and we are deeply grateful.


Bob Rutgers and Juanita Bocanegra, Attorneys – Rhoades McKee PC

For helping us get our stuff back.  “Stuff” is relative. 

It was really everything.


Stacey R.

You adopted our Norman and gave him rock star digs!

No steer has ever ever ever been loved so much.  


John Jurcich and Greg Patten – Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources

Enormous thanks to two people who believed in us.

You guys had our back, and because of that, we reached 

the other side pretty much unscathed. 


Dr. Jim Bader, DVM

Thank you for being there to take care of all the things we could not and cannot.

In some of our most dire times of need you have been there.



For giving our goats the home they deserved and then some.


Margo Miller, Attorney – Foley & MansField, PLLC

Thank you for being the best cheerleader and support system

F2F could ever have had.


Vince Duca

The most unbelievably patient and understanding man on the planet.

You rock! Seriously. 


Jill Fritz – Michigan Director, Humane Society of the United States

For all your support and words of wisdom.  We listened.


The Wild Life Animal Sanctuary, Colorado

For driving across the country for Anthony, Sammy and Ellie Mae. 

Although we will miss them, we are thrilled at their wonderful new home.

Also, much gratitude for taking our special girl, Aloo.

She is now where she belongs.


Brett Nyenhuis, Web Design

Thank you for designing our site and letting the world know we are here.

This is most assuredly our most important tool.  





       F2F has a wonderful group of volunteers that we are proud to recognize.

Thank you SO much to each and every one of you who take a hand in helping F2F function. 


                                       Atwood,Yvonne                      Kemp,Carol                           Nelson,Martha

                                            Bates, Sophia                           Kline, Sue                               Osburn, Susan

                                            Berry, Kim                                 Kreanna                                 Osburn, Mary

                                            Boote, Kathy                             Boukamp, Suzanne                Osterberg, Joan

                                            Burian, Delilah                          Cassidy, Melody                      Paquin, Jade

                                            Burmeister, Margie                   Califf, Cody                              Powers, Joe

                                            Chvala,  Jodi                            Cryderman, Maggie                 Prins, Angela

                                            Cowles, Bob                             Darke, Heather                        Reimer, Michelle

                                            Duca, Janie                              Dunn, Owen                             Rutz, Stacey

                                            Geisel, Faith                             Gonzalez, Paula                      Robinson, Missy

                                            Greco, Kimberly                       Greve, Crystal                          Sanders, Wendy

                                            Hamelink, Jenne                      Hamilton, Shannon                  Schindlbeck, Eric

                                            Hamilon, Rick                           Loss, Elizabeth                        Sereno, Roxanne

                                            Hammond, Hope                      Hurtubise, Madison                 Silvey, Susan

                                            Iverson, Judy                            Marzuki, Barb                          Deanna Smith

                                            Kinsley, Christina & Kip            Mink, Kelli                                Smith, Steve

                                            Tomasello, Phil                         Jaynie Tomasello                     Valk, Diane

                                            Vanderstelt, Lea                       Velthouse, Amy                        Venlos, Amy

                                            Weise, Bonnie Kate                 Williams, Cindy                        Yagerlener, Judy